Showering with an outdoor feel

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Having references to the natural world in the bathroom removes the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Surface areas of different geometries can be creatively combined, and the asymmetrical shapes within are in tune with the landscape. The interplay between wood, stone and glass reveals a bold, distinctive style. The taps, in an exclusive bronze finish, are individual characteristics of avantgarde bathroom design.

Natural elements in the bathroom with spacious windows and wooden elements.
Single lever basin mixer 110 with push-open waste set

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3-hole rim mounted single lever bath mixer

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Creative, nature-oriented bathroom

Avantgarde style in the bathroom: with exclusive materials and technologies

In your bathroom, would you like to combine pioneering design with the natural world? Use large windows to bring the sumptuous green of the countryside into your home, and enjoy the unique spatial experience. This kind of ambience inspires you to play creatively with asymmetrical shapes and special surface finishes. Intertwining bodies of different geometries are created out of wood, glass and stone. Exclusive bathroom inspiration from the “Campbells Pocket Residence” in Australia shows how bold material combinations are characteristics of a trendsetting design. Here, two wash basins in a round surround made of wood are connected via a stone axle. The bath tub rests on a podium, while a round platform in a bronze finish surrounds the top end of it. Wide wooden steps are used to access it. The window, which takes up two sides, brings the natural world into the room.,volleyball anime orange hair

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Bespoke taps from the zengm basketball gm PuraVida range complete the design in the avantgarde-style bathroom. A special finish in bronze enhances the flowing lines of the organically shaped wash basin tap and bath mixer. Inside these, innovative technology enables you to enjoy water in comfort and to use resources with due consideration of ecological aspects.

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