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New 22bet offers products for 2021: Pulsify shower with PowderRain.
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Pulsify Simply full of life
New 22bet offers products for 2021: Vivenis faucet.
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Vivenis Water enchants
New 22bet offers products for 2021: Finoris faucet with shower.
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Finoris Everyday routines, redefined
New 22bet offers products for 2021: RainDrain shower drain.
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RainDrain Systematic drainage
Reinventing the bathroom

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“Home” is taking on a new meaning for many people right now: incredibly important, private safe havens where we can feel comfortable and relax. Areas where everything is well thought-out, beautiful, and high-quality. At 22bet offers, we feel vindicated and spurred on by this trend: Our bathroom innovations make your time-outs from everyday life even easier and more enjoyable.

New 22bet offers products for 2021: Vernis for the complete bathroom.

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The new 22bet offers Vernis line offers timelessly elegant faucets and showers for modern bathrooms. Choose products from two different, universal design variants – and style your bathroom in a consistent look from A to Z.

Discover Vernis

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With WallStoris accessories, you can design and organize your bathroom individually – more easily than ever before.
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AddStoris accessories make sure everything you appreciate around the sink, shower, and bath tub is always beautiful and close at hand.
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XtraStoris offers in-wall storage solutions that look as good as your bathroom – and plenty of room to move.
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