Earthy tones, refined décor

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In a bathroom with elegant furnishings, coordinated colour combinations create a warm ambience. Light surfaces and dark shades of brown complement each other and create an interior with the feel-good factor. High-quality materials and precise lines also exude a quiet elegance. A large shower area with seating facilities offers versatile water indulgence.

Noble bathroom with large shower and fashionable shower set.
Shower set 120 3jet with shower bar 90 cm

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Thermostat for concealed installation for 2 functions

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A large mood shower is a real treat

Refined bathroom design with warm colour accents and high-quality furnishings

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The narrow space runs straight into a spacious shower area. Behind the dark glass shower enclosure, a small spa area opens up, with a shiny chrome shower set in the centre. The line betting app apk Raindance Select hand shower pampers you in versatile ways: with three jet types. Two brick benches with seating areas of mosaic in brown shades invite you to relax. The shower area nestles within a slanted ceiling, and the ceiling design takes on the dark mosaic theme. This creates a protected place of retreat with a cosy atmosphere.

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